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"Good friends, good books and sleeping conscience - that's ideal life" - once said Mark Twain in his "Notebooks". Regarding the sleeping conscience, we would certainly be argued, but good friends and a good book - it is definitely yes. And very often the book is called good friends. And this comparison is also true. After all, what is a good friend? This is the man who will always help and support in difficult times. This is the one next to you, not only during the holidays, but also when there are problems. Others never give, will not give out your secrets, will not speculate on your relationship. To have a friend - a great blessing. And what about the book. To book, we ask when we are well, and when it is bad. This book helps to rethink and to experience many unpleasant moments in life. If you are an avid reader, you know the answers to many questions, because they are in the books. The book will always support. Reading the tragedy, you can weep all negative. Positive emotions also help book. So unless it is impossible to name another book. Moreover, reading books heals the soul. While reading, you live not only his life, but also a few others. Feeling, thinking, analyzing. You assess your life situation, you assume that you can change, and that, in general, that is not so bad.

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